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Fresh Produce Packaging

Fresh cut produce includes a variety of salads, vegetables, and fruits cleaned, packaged, and ready-to-eat. The proper design of the packaging film ensures the correct exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the inside of the package and the atmosphere, which when combined with proper refrigeration can substantially lengthen the shelf-life of fresh produce. Designing a film with the proper oxygen and carbon dioxide transmission rates, completely hermetic seals, and the toughness to withstand distribution and handling provides packages that offer consumers fresh produce that is of the highest quality.

The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) diverse offering of proven performers for fresh produce packaging includes:

  • Polyethylene resins such as ATTANE™ ULDPE resins, DOWLEX™ polyethylene resins, ELITE™ enhanced polyethylene resins, and Dow LDPE resins

The Dow products listed below are well-suited to meet your needs in this application.