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A Comprehensive Product and Service Approach

As a trusted, long-time supplier to the medical device and packaging industry, Dow understands the many regulatory requirements OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) must meet for the numerous healthcare segments. We know that your products' success depends on maintaining quality and consistency throughout the commercial development process. And, you can't afford disruptions, delays, errors or inexperience at any point along the way.

That's why Dow has introduced a portfolio of high-performance polymers, backed by exceptional supply, quality, and service –  DOW HEALTH+ Polymers.

It All Adds Up for OEMs – Quality "+" Compliance "+" Commitment

Product Quality – HEALTH+ Polymers are manufactured to stringent specifications, allowing lot-to-lot consistency and quality.

Regulatory Compliance – Each HEALTH+ Polymer has been certified in accordance with requirements for many healthcare applications.1

Commitment – Every HEALTH+ Polymer comes with a Notification of Change in specifications, product composition, sourcing location, and discontinuation of product.

So Much More Than a Supplier

Advanced polymers. Consistent quality and supply. Exceptional technical service and regulatory assistance. These are the reasons for the "+" in HEALTH+. It's important to us that OEMs don't look at Dow as only a supplier, but rather as a leader in innovation, a colleague, a resource who can help in the development of highly sensitive healthcare applications – from start to finish.

Please review our Medical Application Policy. And visit our literature section to download the brochure on HEALTH+ Polymers.