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A field of round bales wrapped in silage film
  • Polyethylene
    • Europe, India, Middle East and Africa

Greenhouses, Tunnels

Greenhouse and tunnel films are generally made at very high layflats, as high as 65 feet. As a result, bubble stability is very important during production. Greenhouse and tunnel films must:

  • Resist exposure to UV
  • Resist fogging due to condensation of interior moisture
  • Resist environmental contaminants (acid rain, particulate)
  • Be tough enough to withstand abuse
  • Allow the transmission of light

UV protection and antifogging are typically accomplished using additives. A typical film might be made of a blend of LLDPE and LDPE, with additives. A low MI LDPE (0.2) provides the best stability, but the least favorable clarity. Adding a high MI LDPE (2.0) will give better clarity, but less bubble stability. The choice of LLDPE and LDPE also depends on equipment capabilities.