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FINGERPRINT™ Polyethylene Resins help produce some of the microirrigation industry’s highest quality tubing and tape by offering opportunities for:

  • Long life expectancy
  • Excellent leak, crack, burst, tear, and puncture resistance
  • More responsible water management/reduced water use
  • Lower system costs

Combined with the inherent efficiency of microirrigation, the resins’ exceptional performance and durability support the development of irrigation systems that help increase crop quality and yields; reduce the need for fertilizer, maintenance, and labor; and improve water conservation efforts. As an added measure of quality control, all tubing and tape made with FINGERPRINT™ Resins can be identified by a special tracer element added to the resin.

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The table below provides basic technical datapoints for FINGERPRINT™ Polyethylene Resins suited for microirrigation applications, along with access to technical datasheets, material safety datasheets (MSDSs), regulatory information, and sample request forms. In addition, the Compare feature can be used to create detailed, head-to-head comparisons of two to five resins (where applicable). To activate this feature, simply click on the appropriate check boxes in the table, then click on the Compare button. Please contact your Dow sales or TS&D representative for specific recommendations relative to your needs.