Dow is launching HYPERTHERM™ 2399 Resin for domestic and commercial hot and cold water plumbing pipes at this year’s International Builders’ Show. The new resin enhances the flexibility of plastic pipe so installers can bend water lines at turning joints allowing for ease of installation.

"Turning joints have always been a challenge when installing copper, steel and rigid plastic pipe," says Oray Talu, market manager for Dow pipe and irrigation products. "These are typically the first points of failure and a major contributor to call-backs. Pipes made with HYPERTHERM 2399 Resin eliminates the need for breaks at joints, thus reducing the likelihood of leaks and contributing to greater peace of mind."

HYPERTHERM LogoHYPERTHERM 2399 Resin is the first product to meet U.S. building codes and product standards for plumbing while also achieving Level 5 chlorine-resistance certification. This key accreditation gives contactors and homebuilders the flexibility to install continuous loop, on-demand recirculation, and traditional plumbing systems. HYPERTHERM 2399 Resin provides excellent taste and odor characteristics for great tasting water. Pipes made with HYPERTHERM Resins are natural insulators and help improve the energy efficiency of hot water heating.

"It’s a winning combination for contractors and homebuilders: a flexible piping solution that is leak-free, easy to install, and delivers hot water using less energy,” says Talu. “Plastic pipes made with HYPERTHERM Resins offer excellent durability and toughness contributing to extended lifespan."

  • Flexible plastic pipes made with HYPERTHERM 2399 Resin are light weight.
  • Flexible plastic pipes made with HYPERTHERM 2399 Resin are light weight.
  • Pipes made with HYPERTHERM Resins are easy to install and resistant to corrosion.
  • It is a drop-in replacement for cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), requiring minimal tooling changes.
  • Extruded pipe is ready for packaging directly off the line, requiring no post-extrusion curing.
  • Pipes made with HYPERTHERM Resins can be recycled back into the production stream as needed.
  • Pipes crafted with HYPERTHERM Resins are differentiated with an excellent sustainability profile.
Flexible pipe made with HYPERTHERM™ Resins enable easy installation and identification, and provide leak-free performance.Flexible pipe made with HYPERTHERM™ Resins enable easy installation and identification, and provide leak-free performance.

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