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As aging municipal water systems rapidly deteriorate, city, county, and state governments across the U.S. face a critical decision. Should they replace their existing pipelines with traditional materials like steel, ductile iron, concrete, clay, or PVC – which may be expensive, difficult to install, environmentally unstable, and/or the very material that is crumbling under their streets? Or, should they choose a material that offers virtually leak-free performance, long service life expectancy, versatile installation techniques, and the potential for lower total life cycle costs?

CONTINUUM™ Bimodal Polyethylene Resins help make the choice easy by offering the following advantages for municipal water pipe: 1

  • Performance that meets or exceeds both ASTM PE4710 and ISO PE100 standards.
  • Long service life expectancy and lower total life cycle cost
  • Expanded operating windows with elevated pressure and temperature ratings
  • Potential for increased throughput and/or reduced material costs through downgauging
  • Slow crack growth (SCG) resistance over 20 times greater than PE4710 pipe requirements
  • Excellent rapid crack propagation (RCP) resistance at critical cold temperatures - CONTINUUM™ DGDA-2490 Bimodal Polyethylene Resin is at least three times more resistant to RCP than the most demanding requirements for ISO PE100 standards. In addition, critical pressure of approximately 12 bar helps pipelines made with CONTINUUM resins to be operated much safer than those made with unimodal HDPE resins.
  • Seismic resistance - The toughness, ductility, and flexibility of continuous pipeline formed with CONTINUUM resins can help prevent pipe damage due to earthquakes.
  • Installation efficiencies - Strong fusion to a variety of polyethylene grades with the versatility to use trench or trenchless (HDD) installation methods

Use the link below to learn more about how CONTINUUM™ Bimodal Polyethylene Resins can meet or exceed the critical performance requirements of your municipal water pipe applications.

1 Data per tests conducted by Dow. Test protocols and additional information available upon request.


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