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Estimate the cost and find out how many additional acres could be irrigated with a drip/microirrigation system.


Microirrigation systems deliver water and nutrients directly to plant root systems, offering a more efficient alternative to flood and sprinkler irrigation in both crop and landscape applications. In fact, microirrigation can use up to 50 percent less water than conventional irrigation systems.1

FINGERPRINT™ Polyethylene Resins contribute to this exceptional efficiency by offering excellent leak, crack, burst, tear, and puncture resistance to some of the microirrigation industry’s highest quality, longest-lasting tubing and tape.

The resins’ high levels of performance and durability not only help conserve water, but also promote improved crop yields and the potential for lower overall costs. In addition, a special tracer element is added to all FINGERPRINT™ products, helping Dow to uphold a high standard of quality.

Use the links below to learn more about how FINGERPRINT™ Resins can meet or exceed the performance requirements of your microirrigation applications.

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