Today's domestic plumbing pipe requires both excellent durability and flexibility to help ensure a consistent, reliable supply of water. That's why Dow solutions for hot and cold water pipe are designed to offer excellent flexural toughness along with a wide range of other key attributes.

For the hot and cold water pipe that runs throughout homes and businesses, HYPERTHERM™ 2399 NT Resin offers several distinct advantages over commonly used plumbing materials like copper and steel, including:

  • Resistance to corrosion and aggressive chemicals
  • Ease of installation
  • Little or no maintenance required
  • Light weight
  • Reduced risk of theft (compared to copper)

Visit the HYPERTHERM Resins page or download the literature below for more information on this exciting solution.

In domestic and industrial radiant floor heating systems, DOWLEX™ 2344 PE-RT Resin offers the following attributes to multi-layer pipes formed with ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) polymers or aluminum composites:

  • Long-term hydrostatic strength at high temperatures without the need for cross-linking.
  • Excellent surface smoothness for improved flow with reduced pressure loss and deposit formation
  • Added protection for the aluminum or EVOH layers
  • Excellent flexibility (even at low temperatures) and potential real-time installation savings

You can learn more about DOWLEX 2344 and its role in radiant heating by visiting the DOWLEX PE-RT Resins page or downloading the literature below.

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