Dow’s line of propionate esters offer substantial flexibility in formulating coatings. Their linear structures contribute to effective viscosity reduction and to improved solvent diffusion from coating films. They have strong solvency and proper volatility for high solids coatings and printing ink applications. Odor characteristics are significantly more favorable than with other solvents of similar volatility. Their high electrical resistivity properties provide advantages in formulating high solids coatings for electrostatic spray applications.

The propionate family of esters provides excellent replacement options for oxo-hexyl acetate, methyl n-amyl ketone, and xylene. They are commonly used in automotive refinish, OEM coatings, appliance coatings, cleaning fluids, and printing inks, as solvents for cosmetics/personal care products and fragrances, and as a polymerization solvent for high solids acrylics resins.

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