Acetone derivatives (or ketones) are an important class of industrial chemicals widely used as solvents and as chemical intermediates. They are known for being strong, versatile organic solvents and, therefore, are essential components of many consumer and commercial products. Ketones are used safely and effectively in everyday products such as paints, adhesives, printing inks and cleaners. They are used extensively in the coatings industry as solvents for nitrocellulose and other cellulose esters and for vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate and other resins. They are used as active solvents or diluents, often, in combination with other solvents. Their low densities, combined with strong solvency, make them desirable solvents for meeting Volatile Organic Compound regulations. Ketones are also used extensively in the manufacture of commercial products such as pharmaceuticals, plastics, fibers and films.

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