Product Stewardship

As part of Dow's commitment to Responsible Care®, our Product Stewards provide:

  • Advice on Product Handling: Ensuring that customers are adequately informed on aspects of product handling, use, recycle and disposal.
  • Regulatory Support activities: Ensuring that health, safety and environmental considerations are addressed both by ourselves when formulating new products, and by our customers when developing new applications.

For advise on product stewardship issues, please contact either Dow’s Customer Information Group or a Distributor for your region.

For Safety Data Sheets (SDS), please visit our SDS finder.

Storage & Handling
pdf icon Glycol Ethers Storage and Handling (114 KB PDF)
pdf icon Glycol Ethers Storage and Handling Procedures for Thawing Drums of Frozen (11 KB PDF)
pdf icon Disposal Information References (8 KB PDF)