Dow Oxygenated Solvents has a solvent solution for your compliant coating needs.

Dow's broad line of Esters, Ketones, and Alcohols are particularly important for today's solvent-based coatings. With increasing demands on performance and compliance, formulators are seeking solvents for high-solids coatings.

Products like Diisobutyl Ketone (DIBK) and solvent blends containing DIBK offer strong solvency for a variety of resins. DIBK also has low density, which is particularly useful in formulating low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP)-free coatings. DIBK's low surface tension provides excellent wetting, and it exhibits much-needed "bite" for many plastic substrates to promote good coating adhesion.

UCAR™ n-Alkyl Propionates from Dow can lower your costs, eliminate HAPs and reduce odor. They're an ideal alternative when you want to reformulate away from HAPs solvents and retain strong solvency and high electrical resistivity. UCAR™ n-Alkyl Propionates offer a range of evaporation rates to suit many of today's applications, including high-solids and electrostatically-sprayed coatings.

In addition, Dow offers a broad line of glycol ethers, providing today's paint formulator many HAP-free options to enhance the performance of water-based coatings. Dow's P-Series glycol ethers, which are sold under the tradename DOWANOL™, feature powerful coalescing efficiency and coupling ability, resulting in excellent film formation with very low VOC content.

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