Dow Welcomes Announcement of Conclusion of TPP Negotiations

MIDLAND, MI - October 05, 2015

The Dow Chemical Company welcomes today’s announcement on the completion of the comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. The countries involved in TPP represent 40 percent of the global economy and are critical markets for American exporters and investors.

“On behalf of Dow, I commend Ambassador Mike Froman and his entire team for their leadership in concluding the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations,” said Andrew N. Liveris, Dow’s chairman and chief executive officer. “TPP is a critical trade agreement for U.S. exporters like Dow. This landmark agreement will eliminate unnecessary trade barriers, strengthen America’s manufacturing base and further open important markets.”

The conclusion of the TPP negotiations is a tangible example of America’s leadership in the global rules-based trading system. Dow looks forward to the public review of the wide-ranging commitments in TPP. This will demonstrate the opportunities for American exporters and investors to develop new commercial opportunities in these fast growing markets.