Your CAC: Japan and Korea

Dow Microbial Control innovates with science and technology to provide long-term viable and sustainable microbial control. A comprehensive global offering provides everything customers need to optimize formulations, including the highest performing and best supported portfolio of registered actives and products. With world-class people organization-wide and the only complete portfolio of microbial control technologies, Dow Microbial Control can help solve any microbial control problem. Equipped with market leading resources, Dow Microbial Control has a comprehensive offering available to help customers, including:

  • Innovative technologies and delivery methods with the highest-performing, most sustainable and best supported portfolio of microbial control products to help customers perfect their formulations
  • World-leading team of experts in microbial control technologies
  • Expertise and understanding of market-specific needs to provide answers to questions and problems
  • Environmentally preferred products designed to meet evolving regulatory needs of our customers
  • Comprehensive resources available on a local level through regional customer application centers around the world to ensure personalized support around the globe

Dow Microbial Control Academy
Dow Microbial Control Academy is a multipurpose educational institution focused on the transmission, expansion, and application of microbial control knowledge. Central to the mission of Dow Microbial Control Academy is to lead, teach and research microbial control science and technology for the betterment of customers, markets and applications worldwide.

 Dow Japan Academy

Dow Microbial Control Academy is built around the customer application center model which features lab locations throughout the world including the facility in Soma, Japan.

“Our regional customer applications centers play a critical role in how we work with our customers around the globe,” said Mark Henning, general manager, Dow Microbial Control. “We are able to offer customers global leadership with a local focus. Each of our centers contains dedicated application and challenge testing laboratories, and is fully staffed with technology experts and the best equipment, including TAUNOVATESM High Throughput optimization capabilities.”