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Deepak Doshi

Deepak Doshi: an expert on glutaraldehydeDeepak is the global leader for analytical research and development for Dow Microbial Control, and has over 36 years of experience in the biocides industry. Deepak is a recognized industry expert in biocide chemistries and the development of analytical methods in support of a variety of key market segments including oil and gas, materials preservation, wood preservation, and coating technologies. Deepak is a pioneer in the development of appropriate protocols and analytical methods to develop accurate exposure assessments for proper biocide usage.

His deep understanding of a variety of biocides, including glutaraldehyde and its unique chemistry, translates into new products and analytical tools that help customers solve their analytical and application problems.

Deepak has a demonstrated passion for educating Dow customers in the analysis of biocides, basic chromatographic techniques and providing training on the safe use, handling and application of biocides at customer facilities. As an active member of ASTM International — a global nonprofit organization focused on developing standardized testing methods — he has presented his research at conferences and events, looking at the importance of developing analytical tools for the effective determination of biocides in several microbial control applications.

Over the course of his 36 years career as an analytical scientist, Deepak has developed over 200 test methods for biocidal products and their applications. He has conducted analytical studies in support of a large number of biocidal product registrations in North America (US EPA and Canadian PMR) and Europe (BPR).

Deepak earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Bombay, India, and a Masters in chemistry from State University College of New York in Potsdam.

In addition to his participation in ASTM, he is a member of the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA). He is based at The Dow Chemical Company’s North East Technology Center in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, USA.

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