Hydronorth: Brazilian paint manufacturer uses Bio-Pruf™ in its products

Hydronorth logoHydronorth, a Brazilian paint manufacturer, has integrated Bio-Pruf™ technology into its resins and paints. Since Bio-Pruf™ acts as a preservative, its products are protected against bacteria, algae and fungi contamination. In the same manner, Bio-Pruf™ can also protect plastics products and other building & construction materials.

According to the Marketing Manager Fabio Munhoz, Hydronorth customers want much more than simply colorfully paint and waterproof floors, walls and roof. They want those surfaces protected against mold and algae by using affordable paints providing high durability, a pleasant smell and a positive environmental profile.

Get additional information about the company at: www.hydronorth.com.br 

Max Chemicals: Sealant manufacturer from Puerto Rico uses the Bio-Pruf™ technology in its line of products

Ceresita logo Max Chemicals is a sealant manufacturer from Puerto Rico that uses the Bio-Pruf™ technology in its line of products. The sealants with Bio-Pruf™ offer protection against contamination by microorganisms that cause the proliferation of fungi, algae and bacteria in poorly ventilated bathrooms, kitchens, cabinets, wardrobes and houses. “Fungi are not only an aesthetic problem, they are dangerous for your family’s health because they can cause allergies, asthma and rhinitis, which affect the bronchopulmonary system,” highlighted Pau-Pei Ochoa, Market Manager for Crossco.

Pinturas Unidas: Ecuadorian company uses Bio-Pruf™ in its paint formulations

Ceresita logo The company offers a complete line of high quality coatings and paints, including architectural paints with Bio-Pruf™ triple protection, a result of continuous research on new technologies.

For additional information about the company, please visit www.pinturasunidas.com

Berel: new Berelex Green™ line with Bio-Pruf™ seal in Mexico

Ceresita logo The Mexican Berel has more than 70 years of experience in the market and offers a complete portfolio of coatings and paints, waterproofing solutions and varnishes, among other products. The company also offers a new line that provides a differentiated microbial control thanks to the Bio-Pruf™ technology: Berelex™ Green.

For additional information, please visit http://www.berel.com.mx/index.php.

Learn more: https://youtu.be/2zEh7D9Bf3g

Montana, the leading brand in paints in Venezuela, which utilizes the Bio- Pruf™ technology in its new AV-2000 Bio-Protecto product

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Pinturas Montana’s AV-2000 Bio-Protecto with Bio-Pruf™ is protected against contamination from microorganisms and, at the same time, combats the proliferation of fungi, algae, and bacteria in poorly ventilated bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

“Pinturas Montana incorporated the Bio-Pruf technology developed by DOW in its new AV-2000 Bio-Protecto product, which inhibits the growth of not only fungi, but also of bacteria, improving people’s well-being, as it prevents the formation of water stains and bad odor in rooms,” says Lucia Alliegro, Montana Brand Manager in Caracas.

Get additional information about the company at: www.tiendasmontana.com

Master Paints is a Puerto Rico paints manufacturer that utilizes the Bio-Pruf™ technology in high performance, eco-friendly paints.

Dry Wall LogoThe Eco Pure, Dry Wall, EZ Clean, Protecto, Element, Supreme, Classicoat paints from Master Paints with Bio-Pruf™ are protected, preventing the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungus, and mold, restraining and resisting the development of odor through the use of an award winning green chemistry technology. Bio-Pruf™ creates a cleaner environment, trust, and durability, while offering a higher performing, safer, and more environmentally friendly product than any other.

"Clinical trials from the Puerto Rico Medicine University (Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad de Puerto Rico) determined that the Bio Pruf™ technology found in Master® paints helps to prevent the development of the most prevailing Puerto Rico fungi such as the Aspergillus, the Cladosporium and the Penicillius, on the paint layer."

On a different note, studies published by Mycophatologia, the Journal of Clinical Immunology, Medical Mychology, and others, have found that fungi such as the Aspergillus, the Cladosporium, and the Penicillium, can cause allergies, irritation, and/or stimulate asthma episodes.

Find additional information about Master Paints on: www.mastergroup-pr.com

Protecto, from Grupo Kativo, is the unique architectonic paint with Bio-Pruf in Central America.

Dry Wall LogoThe High Standard Activa Látex paints from Protecto are protected with Bio-Pruf, thus preventing the growth of microorganisms on painted walls. Protecto's High Standard Activa Látex with Bio-Pruf allows for environments which are free from mold, algae, and bacteria, in addition to providing the consumer with a better performing, safer, and more environmentally friendly end product.

"The use of the Bio-Pruf state-of-the-art technology allows us to bring an avant-garde solution to our clients, which is aligned with our corporate strategy of offering products that enable the protection and embellishment of spaces, as well as bettering our consumers' quality of life, since it protects from the most common diseases, in addition to the fact that it is environmentally friendly," notes Rafael Díaz, Grupo Kativo's Business Director.

Find out more information about Protecto paints with Bio-Pruf at www.grupokativo.com