VERSIFY™ 3200 Plastomer

A resin with a medium melt flow rate, therefore making it a general purpose film resin. It is suitable for cast film, blown film, and BOPP and is an excellent sealant. It has excellent compatibility with PP, excellent adhesion to PE and is an useful agent to bring low seal initiation temperature, softness and temperature performance. The main characteristics are: pellet, medium melt flow rate, good sealant, compatible with PP, soft polypropylene. The applications are: blown film, cast film, BOPP, sealant.



  • Anti-block はい いいえ false
  • Density はい いいえ 0.876 g/cm3
  • Haze (ASTM D1003) はい いいえ 3.9 %
  • Melt Index (g/10 minutes) はい いいえ 8
  • Melting Point, DSC (Dow Method) in °C(°F) はい いいえ 85°C (185°F)
  • Slip はい いいえ false
  • Tensile Elongation at Break, MD はい いいえ 840 (ASTM D638) %
  • Tensile Elongation at Break, TD はい いいえ 840 (ASTM D638) %
  • Tensile Strength Break, MD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi) はい いいえ 22.1 (3210) (ASTM D638)
  • Tensile Strength Break, TD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi) はい いいえ 22.1 (3210) (ASTM D638)
  • Vicat Softening Point in °C(°F) はい いいえ 59°C (138°F)



VERSIFY™ 3200 Plastomer

VERSIFY™ 3200 Plastomer


VERSIFY™ 3200 Plastomer
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