UNIGARD™ RE DFDE-1638 NT Flame Retardant Compound

A non-halogen, highly flame retardant, thermoplastic, low smoke, low corrosivity, and low toxicity compound. It is designed for general purpose cable jacket applications. Used as jacket, it passes the IEEE-383/UL-1581/UL-1685 [Limited Smoke Test] vertical tray cable burn tests. Cable construction, of course, plays an important role in flame performance. It can be used as a jacket on cables operating at up to 90°C. This compound can replace PVC, low smoke PVC, and halogenated rubbers as a jacket with excellent fire safety (low smoke, low corrosivity, and low toxicity) and good property balance. This compound meets or exceeds many of industry jacket specifications such as UL-1277 Tray Cable. As a non-halogen flame retardant jacket, this product is also designed to replace conventional non-halogen jacket products. It can withstand an extrusion temperature up to 180°C, and can be extruded with typical single-flight metering PE screws. Main Characteristics: - Highly flame retardant - Environmentally friendly ( lead free, halogen-free, sulfur/ antimony-free) - Low smoke, low corrosivity and low toxicity - Ease of extrusion and no special screw required - Good balance of toughness and flexibility



  • Dielectric Constant 3.9
  • Dissipation Factor 0.013
  • Elongation 150 %
  • LOI-Limiting Oxygen Index 35 %
  • Tensile Strength in MPa (psi) 14.7 (2130), 14.7 (2130) Not at Yield
  • Volume Resistivity 1.9E+15 ohms-cm



UNIGARD™ RE DFDE-1638 NT Flame Retardant Compound

UNIGARD™ RE DFDE-1638 NT Flame Retardant Compound


UNIGARD™ RE DFDE-1638 NT Flame Retardant Compound
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