TAMOL™ 960 Dispersant

Versatile, low-cost, non-foaming, water-soluble polyacid dispersant which offers excellent performance in a wide range of latex paint formulations. It is recommended for low sheen flat through semi-gloss acrylic, styrene-acrylic and vinyl acrylic formulations and is effective over a pH range of 7 to 11 with a wide temperature range. Offers good compatibility with ZnO pigment. Supplied at 40% solids in the sodium-neutralized form. It is highly compatible with anionic HASE associative rheology modifiers. Can be used with ACRYSOLTM DR Series of rheology modifier products to offer excellent heat age and viscosity stability. It is a very low foaming dispersant and has excellent color acceptance with glycol and water dispersed colorants including hard to disperse pigments such as red iron oxide.


  • Standard and economy interior and exterior paints
  • Flat to gloss formulations
  • Water-based architectural coatings


  • Excellent heat-age stability
  • Low foam generation
  • Improves color acceptance in tint bases



  • % Solids はい いいえ 40 %
  • Molecular Weight はい いいえ 5000 g/mol
  • pH (as Supplied) はい いいえ 9
  • Supplied Form はい いいえ 液体
  • Use Level on Pigment はい いいえ 0.3 - 1.0 %
  • 中和 はい いいえ ナトリウム



TAMOL™ 960 Dispersant

TAMOL™ 960 Dispersant


TAMOL™ 960 Dispersant
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