RHOPLEX™ SG-20 Acrylic Emulsion

A 100% acrylic binder is designed for high quality interior and exterior semigloss and satin paints, but can be used for gloss enamels as well. Paints based on the product have been shown to yield outstanding alkyd adhesion, block resistance, stain resistance, and exterior durability.


  • High-quality Interior/Exterior satin through semigloss paints and gloss enamels


  • 100% Acrylic
  • APEO Free*
  • Early block resistance
  • Excellent household stain resistance and removal
  • Excellent exterior durability

*made without APEO-containing surfactant



  • % Solids 45.5 %
  • Chemistry 100% アクリル
  • Coalescent Demand 8 - 10 %
  • ECO Benefits APEOフリー
  • Exterior Paint: Alkyd Adhesion 良好
  • Exterior Paint: Chalk Adhesion 良好
  • Exterior Paint: Cracking Resistance 良好
  • Exterior Paint: Dirt Pick-Up Resistance より良い
  • Exterior Paint: Efflorescence Resistance 良好
  • Exterior Paint: Flaking Resistance 良好
  • Exterior Paint: Gloss Retention 良好
  • Exterior Paint: Light Duty Corrosion Resistance 良好
  • Exterior Paint: Surfactant Leaching 良好
  • Exterior Paint: Tint Retention 良好
  • Exterior Paint: TiO2 efficiency より良い
  • Interior Paint: Alkyd Adhesion 良好
  • Interior Paint: Block Resistance 最高
  • Interior Paint: Gloss Capability 良好
  • Interior Paint: Stain Blocking 良好
  • Interior Paint: Stain Resistance より良い
  • Interior Paint: TIO2 Efficiency より良い
  • MFFT-Minimum Film Formation Temp 15 °C
  • VOC Capable (g/L) < 150
  • 使用 インテリア, エクステリア



RHOPLEX™ SG-20 Acrylic Emulsion

RHOPLEX™ SG-20 Acrylic Emulsion


RHOPLEX™ SG-20 Acrylic Emulsion
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