POLYCO™ 3103 NP Emulsion

Offers a good balance of properties for many paper, paperboard, and packaging applications. The copolymer has excellent strength properties for offset printing, enhanced optical coverage for low brightness base stock and excellent glueability properties. Recommended for many paperboard applications requiring a balance of strength, printability, enhanced optical coverage and glueability, is intended to provide the performance of POLYCO 3103 Acrylic Emulsion at even better value.


  • For Paper and Paperboard Coatings
  • Offers a good balance of properties for many paper and paperboard applications
  • Vinyl acrylic copolymer designed to help replace natural binders such as casein and protein
  • Recommended for paper coating applications where improvement in rheology properties is required, along with improved ink and varnish holdout


  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Very low grit levels
  • Medium particle size with good pigment binding ability
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent strength properties for offset printingenhanced optical coverage for low brightness base stock
  • Excellent glueability properties
  • Good glossbalanced ink receptivity to a variety of coating applications
  • Provides an economic alternative to natural binder
  • Easy to handle and formulate
  • Good balance of properties for many paperboard and paper applications
  • Large particle size which contributes to improved optical properties
  • Exhibits good mechanical stability and exceptional rheology



  • % Solids はい いいえ 49.5-50.5 %
  • % Solids Range はい いいえ 50 %
  • pH はい いいえ 6.5
  • pH Range はい いいえ 6.0-7.5
  • Tg-Glass Transition Temp はい いいえ 25 °C
  • Viscosity はい いいえ 120 cP
  • Viscosity Range はい いいえ 5-125 cP



POLYCO™ 3103 NP Emulsion

POLYCO™ 3103 NP Emulsion


POLYCO™ 3103 NP Emulsion
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