PARALOID™ K-125 Acrylic Processing Aid

Improves the processing of rigid and flexible vinyl (PVC), providing the best balance of melt strength/viscosity, with a 25% efficiency improvement over standard process aids. It is particularly well-suited for film and sheet, including for thermoforming applications, rigid PVC profile extrusion, and for luxury vinyl tile (LVT).


  • General purpose acrylic processing aid
  • PVC, used for any rigid PVC application
  • Some flexible applications: sheet and VCT and LVT
  • Film and sheet, including sheet to be further thermoformed
  • Including deep-draw thermoforming
  • Particularly thicker sheet for thermoforming Improve profile extrusion productivity and final profile dimensional consistency and surface appearance
  • Limit melt fracture while increasing take-off speed
  • Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) base layer
  • Improve and even increase filler incorporation
  • Improve melt strength for effective calendaring or extrusion of the LVT base layer


  • Improves the processing of rigid and flexible vinyl (PVC)
  • Providing an increased level of melt strength/viscosity over standard general purpose acrylic processing aids for PVC
  • Increase melt strength or leverage for efficiency at equal melt strength versus standard process aids
  • Promotes fusion of rigid PVC systems and promotes melt homogeneity
  • Excellent balance of melt strength, viscosity, and gloss for rigid PVC profile extrusion
  • Enables improved surface finish
  • Improved machine productivity
  • Enhance filler incorporation into the melt



PARALOID™ K-125 Acrylic Processing Aid

PARALOID™ K-125 Acrylic Processing Aid


PARALOID™ K-125 Acrylic Processing Aid
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