PARALOID™ AT-410 Resin

Supplied in Methyl n-Amyl Ketone. It has hydroxyl functionality for reaction with aminoplasts to provide coatings that cure at 250°F uncatalyzed and have an excellent balance of hardness, gloss, flexibility, and resistance properties. Permits the formulator to manufacture coatings at higher solids than those permitted by conventional systems, and at competitive prices. The increased application solids allow the user to spray coatings without the sag problems associated with many high-solids polyesters. A more accurate statement of the nature of PARALOID™ AT-410 High-Solids Thermosetting Acrylic Resin is the solids measurement at 150°C for one hour rather than the nonvolatiles carried out at 105°C for one hour. However, the nonvolatiles measurement is suitable for VOC or formulating calculations.


  • Metal deco
  • Coatings for auto parts
  • Some light appliances
  • General metal
  • Metal furniture
  • Metal cabinets


  • High resin solid – permits application at high volume solids
  • Low temperature cure with polymeric melamine
  • Excellent gloss, image clarity, and color retention – resists overbake color development and has excellent appearance
  • Outstanding stain and solvent resistance – suitable for some appliances
  • Fast cure and good film hardness
  • Good adhesion



  • % Solids 73 %
  • % Solids Range 75.0-79.0 %



PARALOID™ AT-410 Resin

PARALOID™ AT-410 Resin


PARALOID™ AT-410 Resin
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