DOWSIL™ TC-3015 Re-workable Thermal Gel

A one part, heat cure silicone based thermally conductive gel with good re-workability. It’s supplied as non-flowable paste and can be pressed lower to 100 um thickness in thermal management application. It can be cured to elastic pad with certain tensile strength and elongation which can make sure the material can be peeled off easily and completely without residue in rework process.



  • Color はい いいえ ピンク
  • Dielectric Strength はい いいえ 14.7 kV/mm volts per mil v/mil
  • Durometer - Shore 00 はい いいえ 72 Shore 00
  • Elongation はい いいえ 72% %
  • Number of Parts はい いいえ 1
  • Shelf Life はい いいえ -20C storage Days
  • Specific Gravity はい いいえ 2.6
  • Tensile Strength はい いいえ 0.3 MPa psi
  • Thermal Conductivity はい いいえ 2.0 W/mK Watts per meter K
  • Viscosity はい いいえ 220000 mPa.s
  • Volume Resistivity はい いいえ 5.9 E+14 ohm*cm ohm-centimeters



DOWSIL™ TC-3015 Re-workable Thermal Gel

DOWSIL™ TC-3015 Re-workable Thermal Gel


DOWSIL™ TC-3015 Re-workable Thermal Gel
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