DOWANOL™ PnB Glycol Ether

A fast-evaporating, hydrophobic glycol ether with high solvency and excellent coupling abilities. It is partly water soluble and miscible with most organic solvents. This is extensively used in heavy-duty cleaning formulations.


  • Textiles
  • Cosmetics
  • Resins
  • Coating formulation and application
  • Industrial, automotive and architectural coatings
  • Glass and all-purpose cleaners where heightened results can be seen in combination with selected other glycol ether solvents
  • Various household and industrial cleaners as a coupling agent and solvent
  • Grease and paint removers as a coupling agent and solvent
  • Metal and hard surface cleaners as a coupling agent and solvent
  • Water-reducible aerosol paint formulations as a coupling cosolvent
  • Effective coalescents in water-borne latex coatings while belended with other P-series glycol ethers
  • Good for removing soap scum and greasy soils in cleaning applications


  • Favorable enviornmental profile, superior performance for end use applications, formulations may require less Performance solvent than P or E Series



  • Boiling Point (°C @760mmHg) 171 °C
  • CAS# 5131-66-8
  • Chemical Name Propylene glycol mono n-butyl ether
  • Consumer Products US EPA LVP Exemption VOC
  • Density (25°C) in lb/gal (g/cc) 7.3 (0.875)
  • EPA Method 24 (ASTM 26886) VOC
  • Evaporation Rate (n-butyl acetate=1.0) 0.093
  • Flash Point, Closed Cup 63 °C
  • Freezing Point °F(°C) <-112 (< -80)
  • Hansen Solubility Parameter, dD (joules/cm3)1/2 15.2
  • Hansen Solubility Parameter, dH (joules/cm3)1/2 10.5
  • Hansen Solubility Parameter, dP (joules/cm3)1/2 4.2
  • HAPs (Title III Clean Air Act) false
  • Molecular Weight 132.2 g/mol
  • SARA Title III false
  • Solubility in Water (25°C) 5.5 wt%
  • Solubility Water in (25°C) 15.5 wt%
  • Specific Gravity (25°C) 0.878
  • Surface Tension 27.5 dynes/cm
  • Vapor Pressure (mmHg @ 20°C) 0.85
  • Viscosity (25°C) 2.8 cP



DOWANOL™ PnB Glycol Ether

DOWANOL™ PnB Glycol Ether


DOWANOL™ PnB Glycol Ether
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