DIRTSHIELD™ K-2 Acrylic Emulsion

100% acrylic polymer emulsion designed for exterior high quality paints that offer a high level of dirt pick-up resistance with excellent gloss and appearance properties. Facilitates the formulation of gloss and sheen paints but can also be used in higher PVC paints. Excellent stability with ROPAQUE™ Opaque Polymers and a wide range of pigments and extenders. It offers excellent performance over masonry substrates, offering excellent adhesion and efflorescence resistance. Facilitates the formulation of premium quality (high performing) water-based exterior paints for demanding conditions, offering excellent durability, dirt pick-up resistance, appearance, water resistance, resistance to hydrolysis and efflorescence. It offers an alternative for solvent-borne acrylic and polyurethane high gloss systems as well as an alternative to ceramic tile exteriors, thus opening up new market opportunities. Clear coatings based on DIRTSHIELD K-2 Acrylic Emulsion offer excellent results when used as sealers for concrete and masonry surfaces; and as protective clear coatings for elastomeric coatings in harsh climates.


  • APEO Free*

*made without APEO-containing surfactant



  • % Solids 50 %
  • Chemistry 100% アクリル
  • Coalescent Demand 20 -25 %
  • ECO Benefits APEOフリー, ホルムアルデヒドフリー
  • MFFT-Minimum Film Formation Temp 44 °C
  • VOC Capable (g/L) < 150
  • 使用 エクステリア, 高光沢と木工用, ソリッドカラー, 半透明



DIRTSHIELD™ K-2 Acrylic Emulsion

DIRTSHIELD™ K-2 Acrylic Emulsion


DIRTSHIELD™ K-2 Acrylic Emulsion
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