CARBOWAX™ Polyethylene Glycol 8000 Flake (Inhibited)

High molecular weight Polyethylene Glycol that provides enhanced solvency, lubricity, hygroscopicity and other important functional properties in a wide range of formulations.  Hard, waxy solid having the appearance of thin, irregularly shaped shards. The flake thickness is slightly variable within a range of approximately 0.02 – 0.07 inches. Chemically equivalent to its spherical granular counterpart, being produced from the same molten material. Owing to the lower surface area as compared to the granular form, the flaked grade exhibits longer relative dissolution times in water-based applications. This material contains the added stabilizer, BHT, at a nominal concentration of 100 PPM.


  • Fragrance carrier
  • Binder and plasticizer for green-body formation in ceramics
  • Wetting for after wash automotive sprays
  • Household cleaners
  • Dye carrier
  • Lubricants
  • Mining
  • Mold release agent
  • Plasticizer
  • Wood treating



  • % Actives はい いいえ 100%
  • Form はい いいえ フレーク, 粒状の, 融解
  • Melting or Freezing Range はい いいえ 55 to 62 °C
  • Molecular Weight はい いいえ 7000 to 9000 g/mol
  • Solubility in Water (20°C, % by wt) はい いいえ 63
  • Viscosity (100°C) はい いいえ 822 cSt
  • Viscosity (50% dissolution in water @ 20°C) はい いいえ 260 - 510 cP



CARBOWAX™ Polyethylene Glycol 8000 Flake (Inhibited)

CARBOWAX™ Polyethylene Glycol 8000 Flake (Inhibited)


CARBOWAX™ Polyethylene Glycol 8000 Flake (Inhibited)
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