ACULYN™ 38 Rheology Modifier

An excellent suspending agent/rheology modifier for smooth-pouring Personal Care formulations such as, conditioning shampoos with silicones, anti-dandruff shampoos with zinc pyrithione, exfoliating body washes, and sunscreens. INCI Name: Acrylates / Vinyl Neodecanoate Crosspolymer


  • Anti-dandruff shampoos
  • Pearlized conditioning shampoos with silicone emulsion
  • Fluid, suspending body washes
  • Lotions / sprayable lotions including Sun Care lotion with inorganic UV filters


  • Short flow
  • Liquid, cold-processable product
  • Allows for use of continuous production processes with use of in-line static mixers
  • Instantaneously thickens upon neutralization
  • No predisolution necessary
  • Enable suspension
  • XIAMETER™ PMX-1501 Fluid
    A blend of an ultra high viscosity dimethiconol in cyclopentasiloxane for use in skincare, suncare, haircare, antiperspirant and deodorant, and color cosmetic applications. INCI Name: Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Dimethiconol

  • ACULYN™ 33A Rheology Modifier
    The original suspending agent and stabilizer / rheology modifier. It is typically used in a variety of applications, such as bar soap, peroxide-containing cleansers, as well as hand and body lotions. INCI Name: Acrylates Copolymer

  • SunSpheres™ Powder
    This is used as an SPF booster is a styrene/acrylates copolymer. The hollow spheres in a sunscreen raise the UV protection over the whole UVA/UVB spectrum and work equally well with organic and inorganic sunscreen actives. It is also compatible with a broad range of cosmetic ingredients, including emollients and skin conditioners. INCI Name: Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer

  • ACUSOL™ OP 301
    It imparts a milky, lotionized appearance to a wide variety of household liquid products.

  • OPULYN™ 301 Opacifier
    A highly versatile opacifier for anionic surfactant-based systems and has the best performance in slightly acid to moderate pH range. It tolerates moderate levels of inorganic electrolytes and typically used in shower gels and fatty acid-based liquid hand soaps. INCI Name: Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer

  • ACUSOL™ 445N
    FOR LAUNDRY is a fully neutralized, liquid detergent polymer for a variety of laundry applications, providing excellent performance properties such as the inhibition of crystal growth and the dispersion of precipitates. FOR WAREWASH is a fully neutralized, liquid detergent polymer for industrial machine dishwash applications, providing excellent performance properties such as the inhibition of crystal growth and the dispersion of precipitates.

  • UCARE™ Polymer JR-30M

    This product delivers light to strong conditioning to hair and controlled deposit of actives. It also enables the formulation of clear shampoos with no build-up on hair and avoids volume-down effects and is recommended for shampoos with submicron particle size silicones or those without silicones. INCI Name: Polyquaternium-10

    A water soluble PEG-45M with a relatively high molecular weight. In a cream, lotion, gel or stick the product will go a long way toward making your products glide on smoothly. INCI Name: PEG-45M

  • DOWSIL™ FZ-3196 Fluid
    Aunique solution for formulators of skin care, sun care, or color cosmetic products. Caprylyl Methicone combines a light, silky feel, excellent spreadability and moderate volatility with excellent compatibility with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients (such as natural oils), of which it improves the overall sensory profile by reducing greasiness and tackiness. It is a caprylyl branched trisiloxane. The siloxane consists of three silicon atoms which is the shortest Dimethicone, and octyl group is attached on the middle silicon. INCI Name: Caprylyl Methicone



ACULYN™ 38 Rheology Modifier

ACULYN™ 38 Rheology Modifier


ACULYN™ 38 Rheology Modifier
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