VERDISEAL™ application to create city rooftop garden
Water spillway using HYPERKOTE™

Polyurethanes from Dow Hyperlast are the Materials of Choice

Polyurethane are high-performance materials with exceptional properties, making them useful in an increasingly wide range of applications. They are impressively versatile, varying from light and flexible, to strong and rigid, with an infinite variety of performance properties in between.

Tough Performers
Tough, resilient materials, polyurethanes can outperform steel and rubber for abrasion resistance. Polyurethane can be molded, cast or spray applied to any shape. Microcellular polyurethanes such as AUTOTHANE™ Microcellular Elastomers and DYNATHANE™ Microcellular Elastomers have exceptional damping abilities, control shock, and lessen noise and vibration in the most arduous conditions.

Powerful Protectors
Polyurethanes are powerful materials used to protect and insulate miles of sub-sea pipelines. In harsh and aggressive environments, they withstand the scouring of erosive rocks and slurries in coal chutes.

Customized Systems to Meet Virtually Any Need
Hyperlast Polyurethanes are customize systems designed to meet a customer's specific needs. Polyurethanes have been precisely engineered to add vital performance to Formula One racing cars and cushion aircraft landings. Elegant architectural furnishings can be molded using polyurethanes to reproduce the finest detail in colors that will last.

Easy to Use
Polyurethanes have many benefits over their competitors. They require less heating, are fast curing and are economic to use. They can be formed into almost any desired size, shape and thickness.

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