Series-Six for light rail applications

Series-Six Polyurethane Encapsulation and Insulation

Series-Six Polyurethane Encapsulant is a two-component, modified polyurethane system.

The Series-Six system includes:

  • Series-Six Rail Embedment Material
  • Series-Six One-Part Primer
  • Series-Six A55 Rail Embedment Material
  • Series-Six A65 Rail Embedment Material
  • Series-Six A2 Two-part Primer

Series-Six Polyurethane Encapsulant offers the following features and benefits:

  • High flexibility
  • High electrical resistance and insulation
  • Excellent vibration dampening
  • High resistance to abrasion and tear
  • Excellent, long term adhesion to itself, steel, concrete and other substrates
  • Non-foaming in damp conditions
  • Excellent resistance to water, dilute acids, alkalis and salt solutions

Dow Hyperlast has a long history in developing products for light rail applications. Please contact us for more information and solutions.

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