Rotationally cast urethane on roller
Industrial material-handling roller

ROTAKOTE™ Polyurethane Elastomer

ROTAKOTE™ Polyurethane Elastomers are designed for rotational cast urethanes for use in the production of industrial material handling rollers for manufacturing applications in the steel, paper and timber industries.

ROTAKOTE™ K3 Elastomer is rapid reacting, three component elastomer system. It has been designed to be applied as a poured material onto a rotating core to produce a tough elastomeric roller covering suitable for material handling rollers.

ROTAKOTE™ Polyurethane Elastomers offer roller manufacturer several advantages over traditional casting systems:

  • Excellent dynamic and heat stability.
  • High dynamic properties
  • Excellent abrasion and hydrolysis resistance.
  • Fast material preparation.
  • No mold preparation.
  • No postcure.

Rollers coated with ROTAKOTE™ Polyurethane Elastomers are used in many industries including:

  • Material handling
  • Steel mills
  • Paper industry
  • Wood industry.

To meet the demanding challenges presented by the paper industry, Dow Hyperlast has developed a series of materials across a range of Pusey & Jones hardness to suit various applications within the paper making process.

Dow Hyperlast also supplies DIPRANE™ Polyurethane Elastomer and HYPERLAST™ Polyurethane Systems for casting systems for the roller and materials handling industry. Also see our MONOTHANE™ Single Component Polyurethane Elastomers for roller applications.

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