Molded electrical components
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HYPERLAST™ Polyurethane Systems for Electrical and Electronic Applications

HYPERLAST™ Polyurethane Systems for the electrical and electronics industries are performance products designed to protect and insulate many components under a variety of demanding conditions.

HYPERLAST Systems can be molded or spray applied. They are custom formulated based on processing methods and performance requirements.  HYPERLAST Polyurethane Systems are quality assured to ISO 9001 standards and are backed by technical service.

HYPERLAST Polyurethane Systems offer high performance:

  • Protects components from moisture.
  • Provides high-insulation performance.
  • Resists impact.
  • Delivers excellent mechanical strength.
  • Tolerates high temperatures.

HYPERLAST Polyurethane Systems for Electrical and Electronic Applications

 Applications  Properties  Color  HYPERLAST™ System
Cushioning in Encapsulation
  • 30 to 35º A Hardness
  • Long Pot Life
 Brown  2851310
General Encapsulation of Electrical and Electronic Components
  • 30 to 35º A Hardness
  • Good Low Temperature Flexibility
 Black  2851231
  • 75 to 80º A Hardness
  • Low Viscosity
  • Hand or Machine Mix
Black  2851216
  • 85 to 90º A Hardness
  • Good Flow and Wetting
Black  2851232
  • Long Pot Life
Brown  2851810
Transformer Encapsulation
  • 60 to 65º D Hardness
  • Semi-Rigid
  • Low Shrinkage
 Brown  2874803
  • 80 to 85º D Hardness
  • Rigid
Green  7983266
  • 70º D Hardness
  • Good Retention of Electrical Properties After Immersion
Brown  7853288
Cable Terminators Including Sub-Sea
  • 35 to 95º A Hardness
  • Good Hydrolysis Resistance
Pigment Range Available 200 Series


To learn more about the broad range of Hyperlast Polyurethane Systems for Electrical and Electronic Applications, please contact us.

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