Suspension aid on F1 race car Light rail embedment Rollers made using MONOTHANE™
Sub-sea pipe Water spillway using HYPERKOTE™ Automobile suspension components Bushes and seals made using MONOTHANE™
Man spray-applying VERDISEAL™
Filters Application using HYPERLAST SYNTACTIC™


Dow Hyperlast has products to help address even the most demanding needs.

Dow Hyperlast offers a broad range of customized Polyurethane Systems and Elastomers based on a variety of high performance applications such as automotive, building and construction, mold making, rail, waterproofing, marine and maintenance coatings, and verdant roofing membrane.

 Automotive Marine and Industrial Maintenance
 Building and Construction Material Handling and Rollers
 Coatings Molding
 Electrical and Electronics Rail
 Furniture Specialty Applications
 Flow Assurance and Insulation for Pipelines Roofing Membrane


 Building and Construction


 Electrical and Electronics


Flow Assurance and Insulation for Pipelines

 Marine and Industrial Maintenance

 Material Handling and Rollers
 Molding and Prototyping


 Rail Embedment

 Specialty Applications

  Roofing Membrane


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