ISO, EMAS and Quality Certificates

The Dow quality management system gives customers a consistent interface with Dow, showing that they can easily work at any level throughout the organization. This system supports the present Dow Polyurethanes offerings and enables us to add new products and services anywhere in the world —faster, less expensively and in full compliance with the global needs of the industry.

Dow Polyurethanes is committed to high performance and high quality. For example, we have very successfully instituted Six Sigma as a cornerstone of our corrective/preventative action and continuous improvement processes. We are also implementing the business excellence model, European Foundation for Quality Management for business self-assessments.

In 1999, our system was upgraded and certified to the third edition of QS-9000. In 2003, we further upgraded our system and received certification to ISO-9001:2000 and ISO/TS-16949 2002 (the global Automotive Quality Management System Standard).

Dow Hyperlast Ltd. ISO-9001:2000  (50 KB PDF)

ISO-14001 and EMAS Certificates

Dow has implemented the American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care® program globally. This management system is broader in scope than ISO-14001, required by several of our OEM customers. In addition to the environment, the program includes provisions for safety and health as well as specific metrics. Using Responsible Care as the base, many of our European facilities have fulfilled their EMAS requirements and certified to ISO-14001. With the stakeholder participation of customers, the public, government, competitors, and industry partners, such as the transportation industry, Responsible Care is a superior system for the chemical/plastics industry to address societal needs and sustainable business development.

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