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Dicyclopentadiene or DCPD is the dimer of cyclopentadiene (CPD) formed by a Diels-Alder addition reaction. DCPD products from Dow originate from the high temperature cracking of petroleum fractions and are best characterized as highly reactive intermediates used in a wide range of products.

Because the (di-)cyclopentadiene molecule is reactive with many other monomers, it can be used as raw material in the production of resins for a variety of applications. DCPD Resin Grade is generally used in the production of cyclo-aliphatic and C5/C9 aromatic hydrocarbon resins but may also be used in the production of unsaturated polyester resins.

Product Description Regional Availability Main Active Component(s) & Concentration Range (%-wt) Typical Applications
DCPD RG Resin Grade DCPD Europe Endo-DCPD: 73 – 83%
Methyl-DCPD: 7 – 13%
Isoprene codimer: 1 – 5%
  • Acrylates
  • Alkyds
  • Aromatic hydrocarbon resins
  • Cyclo-aliphatic resins
  • Epoxy resins
  • Lattices
  • Phenolic resins
  • Specialty intermediates
  • Specialty resins
  • Unsaturated polyester resins

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