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Unsaturated polyester resins (including vinyl esters and additives) are used in the production of fibre reinforced plastics or non-reinforced filled products. Due to the ease and freedom of processing, unsaturated polyester resins can be applied during the manufacture of both small and large structures. Common applications include marine (gelcoats), automotive, wind turbine blades and electronics.

One of the main raw materials for unsaturated polyester resins is dicyclopentadiene or DCPD, which is supplied by Dow in three different grades.

Product Description Regional Availability Main Active Component(s) &
Concentration Range (%-wt)
DCPD RG Resin Grade DCPD Europe Endo-DCPD: 73 – 83%
Me-DCPD: 7 – 13%
Isoprene codimer: 1 – 5%
DCPD UPR UPR Grade DCPD Europe Endo-DCPD: 83 – 88%
Me-DCPD: 2 – 6%
Isoprene codimer: 1 – 5%
DCPD HP High Purity DCPD Europe Endo-DCPD : 90 – 95 %
Isoprene codimer: 1 – 5%