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ENB or ethylidenenorbornene is a bicyclic monomer and intermediate that contains two double bonds, each with a different reactivity. For example, it is possible to react one of the double bonds, and retain the other double bond for subsequent reaction. It is used predominantly as a diene monomer in the manufacture of EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer) rubber.

ENB is produced from vinyl norbornene, which is made from butadiene and dicyclopentadiene DCPD. DCPD High Purity can be used for this production process. It is produced from cyclopentadiene by dimerization and purified afterwards to ensure high quality of the material.

Product Description Regional Availability Endo-DCPD Content (%-wt) Main Codimer Component
DCPD HP High Purity DCPD Europe 90 – 95 % Isoprene codimer (1 – 5 %)