FLUIDFILE™ is designed to work the way you do, allowing intuitive access to the information you require to make informed fluid selection decisions. Our global family of DOWTHERM™ and DOWFROST™ glycol-based fluids and DOWTHERM™ and SYLTHERM* synthetic fluids is represented in FLUIDFILE, so you can thoroughly explore all of your options in one place. To match the right Dow fluid to your system requirements, simply choose Calculate Fluid Properties to obtain glycol or synthetic fluid properties under your specific system conditions, for one fluid or to compare properties of multiple fluids.

You won’t need prior experience with Dow Heat Transfer Fluids to obtain the information you need to select the right fluid. To assist in your fluid decision-making, About Dow Fluids provides an overview of our fluids line, guidance in choosing a fluid chemistry including application information, plus profiles of the individual fluids.

On-the-Spot “Help”On-the-Spot Help

For instant access to explanations and definitions while you are calculating fluid properties, just use the help button that appears in the upper right corner of the screens. For further information, refer to the FLUIDFILE Glossary.

Program Support

If you experience difficulty with the program, please email our support desk at for assistance. We’ll respond promptly. Reference our glossary for information about properties, equations and terms used in FLUIDFILE.

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Of course, no single tool can provide every element of the support your project may require. FLUIDFILE is just the beginning. In Fluids Support, you’ll find descriptions of the technical, sales and other valuable support available from Dow. And, while FLUIDFILE is designed to provide you with the freedom to work offline from any location, when you have Internet connectivity you can link directly to the detailed product and engineering information, material safety data (MSD) sheets and other support available at