Tetraethylene Glycol

Dow offers two grades of TETRA EG: tetraethylene glycol, regular grade and tetraethylene glycol, high-purity grade, which is designed for high-purity specifications in applications such as polyester resins, UV-curable resins and plasticizers.

Tetraethylene Glycol (TETRA EG) features a higher boiling point and lower volatility than the lower ethylene glycols. It is completely miscible with water and a wide range of organic solvents, but has only a very slight affinity for certain aliphatic hydrocarbons.

TETRA EG is especially useful in polyester resins and as a plasticizer. TETRA EG is also used as a chemical intermediate and as a solvent in the production of inks and dyes. TETRA EG is often used as a process solvent in hydrocarbon purification processes and as a coupling agent in the production of textile lubricants and formulations.

Applications for Tetraethylene Glycol:
Polyester Resins
Gas Dehydration and Treating
Chemical Intermediates
Heat Transfer Fluids
Other Applications

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