V PLUS PERFORM™ technology: a whole new level of sandwich panel performance for modern building envelopes

The need for sustainable and energy efficient buildings is becoming more important than ever. National and regional regulations, as well as complex building requirements demand high-performance construction materials.

To help manufacturers and their customers address these challenges, Dow developed V PLUS PERFORM™ technology. It takes insulation cores of sandwich panels to a completely new level: enabling a new grade of construction material to help meet significant building needs today, and in the future. V PLUS PERFORM™ technology offers sustainability, insulation and fire-safety properties, which can make sandwich panels simply exceptional and allow designers even more freedom when planning their buildings.

With V PLUS PERFORM™ technology, Dow enables manufacturers to introduce a new generation of sandwich panels – helping access future-proof market positions and offering pioneering and more flexible approaches to constructing high-performance buildings.


Want to consider high certification standards?

V PLUS PERFORM™ technology contributes toward satisfying Credits under LEED® V4.

Want to focus on energy efficiency?

V PLUS PERFORM™ lets you improve insulation performance and energy efficiency of your buildings.
Fire Safety

Want to reach excellent fire safety properties?

V PLUS PERFORM™ enables the achievement of Euroclass B-s1,d0.
Design Freedom

Want to plan new projects with more flexibility?

V PLUS PERFORM™ allows for thinner metal sandwich panels – thus providing more space and better ROI.

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