World Water Day

World Water Day, which takes place on March 22, was created to put a spotlight on the importance of water. Highlighting an aspect of freshwater each year, the 2017 theme is ‘Water and Wastewater’.

At Dow Water & Process Solutions, a business specializing in sustainable liquid purification and separation technologies, we want to take this time to reflect on the relationship between water, wastewater and sustainable water management practices.

We invite you to join us in immersing yourself in World Water Day and gaining more knowledge about water and wastewater, innovative technologies and sustainability models with the content below. Check back each week for new stories and information.

Making the Case for Wastewater Reuse

In countries where water resources are limited or scarce, such as in South Africa, water reuse schemes are implemented to reduce stress on freshwater assets, and promote an environmentally contained process.

2025 Sustainability Goal: Delivering Breakthrough Innovations

With more than 96 percent of all manufactured products enabled by chemistry¹, the solutions to sustainable development come down to the most basic elements in our universe. They come down to the power of chemistry.

Addressing Pressing Needs for Wastewater Treatment and Contaminant Removal

Since the industrial revolution, wastewater generation has constantly grown. Learn more how Dow’s ion exchange resins and other products can help solve your wastewater needs.

Tackling Water Scarcity with DOW FILMTEC™ ECO

In every corner of the globe, from developing countries to industrialized nations, clean water is essential to sustain life. From providing hydration and nourishment, to lighting up our cities and manufacturing goods, water is the lifeblood of human progress.

Dow Enables Energy and Water Savings with Public-Private Partnership

To help manage freshwater use and reuse, Dow Terneuzen, partners with the Water Board Scheldestromen, the City of Terneuzen, and water company Evides to create a public private approach.

Water Reuse Brings the Toilet to the Taps to Combat California Drought

Treating municipal wastewater for reuse presents a reliable and safe option to help mitigate drought and provide clean, potable water to residents in California.