We're paving the way for a healthier planet.


We're dedicated to developing technologies that have a positive global impact and spearhead a number of environmentally responsible programs and initiatives.


At Dow Water & Process Solutions, we believe that clean, safe and pure water is essential to life and critical to human progress. Pollution, climate change, and population growth however, challenge our societal, economic and environmental well-being. To help combat these issues, we offer FILMTEC ECO elements that contain a breakthrough reverse osmosis (RO) technology.

We're Tackling One of the World’s Greatest Challenges—Water Scarcity  

Find out how we are doing this with FILMTEC™ ECO.

Powering the Water-Energy Nexus

  • Our people: With over 40 years of RO Membrane expertise, our scientists have engineered a new generation of membrane technology.
  • Our planet: Our sustainable solutions provide ecological benefits for the entire value chain. 
  • Our performance: Our superior membrane technology provides reduced energy usage, reduced chemical usage and 99.7% rejection.