Separation of Oxygen from Liquid or Vapor



Purification of Hydrogen Peroxide

The simplest compound of oxygen is arguably hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Dow’s ion exchange resins are frequently used to remove a variety of metals from H2O2 solutions. For more information on specific metals see the Periodic Table.

DOWEX OPTIPORE™ Polymeric Adsorbents are used to remove organic compounds from H2O2. While hydrogen peroxide is not very ionic, it is a strong oxidizing agent. Since ion exchange resins are made from organic plastics they can be oxidized.

Caution: Oxidizing agents such as nitric acid attack organic ion exchange resins under certain conditions. This could lead to anything from slight resin degradation to a violent exothermic reaction (explosion). Before using strong oxidizing agents, consult sources knowledgeable in handling such materials.

Removing Lubricants from Compressed Gasses

Since O2 gas is often used in a compressed form, it may be contaminated with compressor lubricants.

DOWEX OPTIPORE™ V493 Polymeric Adsorbent has been shown to work well to remove these compressor lubricants from compressed gas streams1 and DOWEX OPTIPORE V503 Polymeric Adsorbent could also be tested for comparison.

1 "Removal of oil from compressed gas with macroporous polymeric adsorbents" by Bowman, R.H. and Goltz, H.R. US Patent 5,700,310, MG Generon, December 23, 1997.