FILMTEC™ System Optimization Services (SOS)

Dow Water & Process Solutions offers membrane element testing services to its customers for a nominal fee. Elements can be tested to determine their suitability for continued operation or to troubleshoot problems in reverse osmosis or nanofiltration systems. In addition to test results, we provide a complete report with a description of the tests performed and the implications of the test results on your operation.


Physical Inspections of Element

  • A non-destructive test to observe the physical integrity of the element and identify potential foulants.

Performance Testing

  • A non-destructive test is used to determine how the element is performing at standard test conditions compared to new product specifications.

Cleaning Recommendations

  • Evaluation of a visual inspections, as well as a non-destructive performance test, indicating what type of cleaning would be most effective.

Element Autopsy and Membrane Analysis

  • A destructive test that requires the element to be cut lengthwise to allow the unrolling and evaluation of the membrane sheet and other materials of construction.

Determination of Fouling, Scaling, or Chemical Damage

  • Verification of scaling
  • Elemental analysis of the membranes (identification of metals, silica, etc.)
  • Biofouling analysis
  • Identification of halogens

Water Analysis

  • A full water analysis is available with specific breakdown and balance of cations/anions, pH, silica, metals, and TOC counts.

To order SOS testing, complete the SOS Return Authorization Form (194 KB PDF) and email to Shipping instructions (87 KB DOC) and a Return Authorization number will be provided by the Membrane Element Analysis Coordinator.