TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters are self-cleaning and reliable, designed to efficiently remove high solids from problem water without constant plugging, even in the presence of fats, oils and grease.


When it comes to dirty water, TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters step up to the challenge, combining the power of continuously cleaning, cross-flow filtration with forced settling and solids collection into one device. Operating where other filters typically fail, they remove high and variable solids, even in the presence of fats, oils, grease and other yucky stuff. No backwashing, minimal filter changes, low (or no) chemicals, and high water recovery add up to higher uptime, lower maintenance, less consumables and less waste. Not to mention the opportunity to reuse water, reduce surcharges and fines, and cut water costs—all in a small and sustainable footprint. See below for more information about the TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters and the value they deliver to industrial wastewater treatment and reuse applications. Or, check out our microsite for further details about products, applications, and more.


TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters are available on convenient, pre-engineered skids or, for select and qualified OEMs, as filter housings. They are an outstanding choice for removing total suspended solids (TSS) from 100-10,000 mg/L from difficult water streams, and can filter down to 15 microns. When used as a prefilter, primary filter or final filter in your operations, or as an alternative to dissolved air flotation, they're proving to be a sustainable solution to today's water challenges.

See our microsite for additional details.

TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filter Products

TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters Typical Filtrate Flow Capacity*, gpm (m3/hr) Data Sheets
Skids Housing
F-50 5-25 (1.1-5.7) -- TEQUATIC™
PLUS Filters
F-75 20-100 (4.5-22.7) F-75,
B-Series Skid
F-150 80-400 (18.2-90.8) F-150,
B-Series Skid
*Results depend on water quality