Packed bed systems are the most efficient way to employ Ion Exchange (IX) for demineralization. This technology results in the lowest chemical costs, lowest waste volumes and highest product quality. We offer two exceptional counter-current regeneration packed bed systems: AMBERPACK™ (up-flow service/down-flow regeneration) and UPCORE™ (down-flow service/up-flow regeneration).


  • Absolute best water quality
  • Lowest regenerant consumption
  • Lowest service water consumption (highest yield)
  • Maximum flow rate flexibility during regeneration
  • Does not require inert resin with nozzle plate distributors, allowing more active resin in the packed bed
  • Consumes less regenerant chemical
  • Produces the smallest volume of wastewater during regeneration

UPCORE™ System

  • Excellent water quality
  • Low regenerant consumption
  • Maximum flexibility in production of water
  • Ability to run process over variable or intermittent flow rates without recirculation pump
  • Ability to manage suspended solids and no need for backwash column
  • Tolerant of changes in feed water flow rate
  • Robust ability to manage suspended solids
  • Does not require external backwash tank
  • Easier for retrofits