No one wants to toast from a spotty glass.


Consistent, quality water is paramount for customer satisfaction In the restaurant and food service industry and is essential for diverse applications such as soda fountains, preparing premium hot beverages and washing dishes. 

Dow Water & Process Solutions provides a number of treatments to meet these needs such as weak acid cation resin for alkalinity and metal removal in beverages, and reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) for softening and partial demineralization of water for spotless glassware.

Recommended Products
DOWEX MARATHON™ C Na Ion Exchange Resin
IMAC™ HP336 Ion Exchange Resin
ADSORBSIA™ As600 Titanium-based Adsorbent Media
DOW FILMTEC™ NF270-4040 Element
DOW FILMTEC™ LC HR-4040 Element
DOW FILMTEC™ LC LE-4040 Element