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  • Dow Filmtec RO Elements Reduce Energy Demands

    Over the last four decades, advancements in science have enabled reverse osmosis (RO) membranes to effectively remove and separate contaminants and impurities from water at the molecular level. Originally applied to desalinate seawater and brackish water, the use of RO membranes has expanded to include a range of applications. Global Business Director, HP Nanda, highlights how innovation has significantly improved the energy consumption and productivity of RO technology. Read More

  • Water Treatment for Increasingly Complex Solutions

    Recycling wastewater and closing the resource loop are still growing trends driven by increasing competition for available water and tightening discharge regulations worldwide. Today, we can make the biggest impact by enhancing efficiency, fine-tuning technologies and integrating technology systems to meet unique system and water quality needs. IHS Chemical Week highlights Dow's Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) approach. Read More

  • Harnessing the Power of Waste in Municipal Wastewater

    Municipalities partner with private industry to harness the value of wastewater. Nanette Hermsen and Veronica Garcia Molina of Dow Water & Process Solutions report on available decentralized wastewater treatment technologies that can be used to achieve the water purity required for various purposes. Read More

  • Reuse: Global Reach, Local Impact

    In just 14 years, the United Nations estimates the world will only have 60% of the water resources it needs, if we do nothing different. Obvious solutions to water scarcity can include water reuse, wastewater reclamation, and conservation. But, what if we are just hitting the tip of the iceberg with these tactics? Read More

  • Minimal Liquid Discharge: Advanced Membranes for High-Recovery Treatment

    Industrial water users are finding it more and more challenging to manage water utility due to reduced access to reliable low-cost water sources and higher surcharges for discharging water. Investing in wastewater reuse systems to recover and recycle 70% of the water in an industrial plant has become an acceptable and commonly practiced option for the past 10 to 15 years, but it still leaves 30% of the water unrecovered. Read More

  • Everything About Water: State of Water Sector

    As we migrate away from a “one size fits all” water treatment approach, Dow’s Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) helps enable operators to better identify how much wastewater requires processing, and the most economical approach to meet individual plant needs. Global Business Director, HP Nanda, discusses the importance of continued innovation and creative thinking to help customers manage the business cost of water. Read More

  • Reformulation and Calorie Reduction - Beverage Industry Leading the Way

    According to an article in the April edition of FoodBev magazine, the beverage industry is leading the way in terms of reformulating drinks with different sweeteners such as fructose or stevia, to reduce calories and address the obesity epidemic. Dow Water & Process Solutions' Marlin Kinzey highlights the strengths of ion exchange resins in chromatographic processes and how they help separate and enrich different sugars, sugar alcohols, organic acids and related compounds. Read More

  • Northern China's Wastewater Treatment Challenges Inspire Innovation of Reverse Osmosis Elements

    Coal has fueled China's rapid industrial and economic growth, but with this comes heavy environmental impact, especially on the region's water supply. As the government enacts stricter regulations, industrial plants are forced to implement wastewater recovery and reuse systems, which, in some cases, recycle 100 percent of the water with no discharge. Read More

  • The State of Industrial Water with Dow Global Business Director Snehal Desai

    Water is a finite resource with an increasing global demand. To discover what today's leading companies are doing to maintain the world's water supply, Water Technology spoke with key industry leaders, including Dow Water & Process Solutions' Global Business Director, Snehal Desai. Of the many water reuse techniques available, Desai noted that recycled wastewater is an emerging trend worth paying attention to. Read More

  • Next-Generation, Foul-Resisting RO Membranes

    Water availability and resources are declining both in volume and quality globally, causing the industrial manufacturers to turn to in-house water treatment systems to purify water sources. However, water treatment can be costly if the appropriate technologies and components are not as effective as possible. Reserve osmosis treatment technology has become the gold standard for industrial water users, especially with the advent of a new generation equipped with advanced foul-resisting technology. Read More