Protect Surface Quality

Surface Quality

Consumers expect the products they buy to maintain their attractive appearance over a long period of time. Therefore, plastics used in high-touch applications need added protection to maintain their surface quality. Talc-filled plastics can be a particular challenge. If scratched, the white filler can be exposed, compromising the aesthetics of the part.

Our advanced silicone additive technology can maintain and even significantly improve the surface quality of plastic parts-with minimal impact on mechanical properties. Here's how it works:

  • During the melt phase, our high and ultra-high molecular weight additives migrate to the surface of the resin, where they decrease friction and harden the surface.
  • Sharp or abrasive objects tend to slide off the part, rather than penetrate, helping to avoid or minimize scratches.

Unlike waxes, our silicone-based additives do not cause surface stickiness that can attract dust. Thanks to its high efficiency at low loadings, our high-performance technology provides a cost-effective solution

Solving Your Application Challenges

Our additives address tougher anti-scratch requirements in the automotive industry in high-touch applications such as door and instrument panels and provide added value to smartphone and tablet cases and appliance controls.

Our portfolio of silicone additives for injection molded and extruded applications also offers:

  • Resistance to ultraviolet light
  • Aging without surface changes
  • No exudation, which minimizes fogging and odors
  • Soft, silky feel and attractive aesthetics

Product highlights include:

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