Reduce Extruder Torque

Close view of blue and orange machinery and equipment

High extruder torque is often associated with high productivity and torque plays a key role in processing speed, throughput, equipment stress and power consumption. Because flowability of the material is a major factor, it is particularly challenging to reduce torque when extruding high-viscosity materials, such as glass-filled compounds.

Our advanced siloxane additives significantly improve material flow in extrusion operations, leading to reduced screw torque and lower extruder amperage. These high-performance additives migrate to the interface between the material and the screw surface, where they decrease friction and improve slip so the extruder does not have to work so hard.

Our silicone additive technology also improves the compatibility of organic and inorganic materials in highly filled compounds. Better compatibility further enhances flow properties and reduces equipment degradation caused by exposure to harsh fillers.

Solving Your Processing Challenges

By reducing torque, particularly when extruding high-viscosity materials, our siloxane additives help achieve:

  • Higher throughput
  • Faster cycle times
  • Lower power consumption
  • Extended equipment life
  • Cost-effectiveness with low loadings of 0.1% to 1.0%

Find out how we can help you optimize extrusion efficiency and control costs with silicone processing aids. It's as easy as contacting your representative.